Young Adult (2011)


89 MIN


In this far from traditional romantic comedy, Charlize Theron stars as Mavis Gary who left her small town of Mercury, Minnesota after high school and moved on to Minneapolis. Here, she continued her success into adulthood by becoming an accomplished writer of a popular teen book series called ‘Waverly Prep.’ More and more, her own life begins to resemble that of her fictional teenage heroine as fantasy and reality intertwine, which is especially confusing since she is now in her 30s. In Mavis’s books, there are clear winners and losers and the heroine always gets what she wants. This is really the Mavis Gary credo, which makes it even more troubling for her when her book series is cancelled. When she receives an email birth announcement from Beth Slade (Elizabeth Reaser), the wife of her high school sweetheart Buddy (Patrick Wilson), she snaps. This e-mail becomes the catalyst that drives Mavis to go to drastic lengths to reclaim the life she once knew.