You, Me And Dupree (2006)


104 MIN


Carl Peterson and Randy Dupree have been friends forever. But everything changes when Carl marries Molly Thompson and best man Dupree becomes the third wheel. Free-spirited Dupree’s antics suddenly seem juvenile and Carl has to decide where his loyalty lies–with his new wife or his best friend. Still, when Carl discovers that Dupree is down on his luck–he’s lost his job, his company car, and his apartment–he invites his best buddy to move in until he’s back on his feet. Unfortunately, Dupree isn’t exactly Molly’s idea of the perfect house guest. This perpetual bachelor is really an overgrown kid who moves in with a giant moose head, likes to sleep in the buff, has some unpleasant hygiene issues, and treats life like one big party. Despite Dupree’s inability to grow up, he has a good heart: he’s just trying to find his niche and enjoy every day along the way.