The Full Monty (1997)


87 MIN


Robert Carlyle (memorable as the psychopathic Begbie in Trainspotting) stars in a change of pace as fun-loving, slightly irresponsible Gaz. In need of some quick cash, he hatches a plan to launch a striptease act in order to earn himself and his out-of-luck pals some much-needed money. Unlike the Chippendales dancers, whose visit to a local Ladies Night inspires them, these friends are the furthest thing from the exotic dancer “ideal.” Gaz’s best friend Dave (Mark Addy) is overweight and a little down in the dumps over a recent bout of impotency; ex-foreman and amateur ballroom dancer Gerald (Tom Wilkinson), pink-slipped but afraid to tell his credit-card obsessed wife, is hopelessly uptight; Horse (Paul Barber), an old geezer whose dance repertoire includes the bump, the bus stop, the stomp and the funky chicken and Guy (Hugo Speer), despite his love of Singin’ in the Rain, has no sense of rhythm – he is, however, generously endowed. Still, with boundless determination and Gerald’s well-meaning choreography, they’re soon dancing to the sounds of Donna Summer, Hot Chocolate, Gary Glitter, Sister Sledge and Tom Jones as they prepare to go for the terrifying, but necessary, revelation that will distinguish them from ‘your average ten bit stripper’… the ‘full monty’ – totally nude!