Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985)


91 MIN


Special Operations veteran John Rambo is released from prison and sent by the military back to present-day Vietnam. His mission is to track down American MIAs and determine whether they are being held as prisoners of war. The plan, a parachute drop into a forbidding tropical jungle. Do not engage the enemy, he is ordered. Just take pictures. On the drop, all Rambo’s equipment is lost, except for a serrated knife and a bow with arrows. Rambo soon faces a shattering realisation he has been betrayed by his own forces. Driven by a fierce personal code of ethics and compassion for his imprisoned fellows, Rambo violates orders. With the help of a Vietnamese girl, the guerilla warrior struggles against deadly odds. Embittered, he vows to bring his own brand of revenge to all those who have made him an enemy.