Not Without My Daughter (1991)


111 MIN


Betty Mahmoody lives a happy, normal middle-class life in Alpena, Michigan with her husband Moody, an Iranian-born doctor, and their young daughter, Mahtob. It is the mid 1980’s and the fall of the Shah of Iran has given way to the rise of the Ayatollah and a resurgence of religious fanaticism in Iran. When Moody wants to take the family to Iran for a vacation, Betty is reluctant to travel to the Middle East because of the explosive political climate and the potential danger it holds for Americans travelling abroad. But Moody, who hasn’t seen his family in ten years, persists. From the time they set foot on Iranian soil, the Mahmoody’s vacation turns into a nightmare for Betty when Moody gives in to family pressure and decides to re-embrace Islam, refusing to allow Betty and Mahtob return to the United States. Held prisoner in a strange and hostile land where Americans are despised, Betty must plan a daring escape in order to save her life, her daughter’s life and their right to freedom