Goon (2011)


87 MIN


In this sporting comedy, a thuggish bouncer is spotted by an ice hockey scout after he knocks out a player at a match, but his talents with his fists are not matched by his ability to play hockey or skate. With little more than a reputation as a brutish head banger, bouncer Doug Glut sees himself as a potential ice hockey goon, a player who takes down the opposition by any means other than actually playing hockey. Even though Doug doesn’t know how to skate or play, he accepts an offer from a minor league coach to become their goon after he knocks out a player at a match he attends with his best friend, hockey fan Pat. With Pats support, Doug quickly gets the hang of things and is snapped up by Canadian team, the Halifax Highlanders to guard their star player, Xavier LaFlamme. Dougs idol, Ross The Boss Rhea, a well-known goon who previously took out LaFlamme, soon has Doug in his sights, but it is their eventual showdown on the ice that will prove who is the boss.