Big (1988)


99 MIN


A 14-year-old boy gets upset when he realises the girl of his dreams has an older boyfriend, and that he’s not tall enough for the Whirl-A-Gig. At the edge of the carnival, he finds a Zoltar machine, a mysterious little game that promises to fulfil one’s wishes. Josh requests something simple – he wants to be ‘big.’ To the shock of Josh and his mother, he wakes the next morning as a 35-year-old. His best friend Billy trusts he is who he says he is after they duet on their secret song and whisks him off to Manhattan to help him track down the Zoltar machine to return to smallness. As he has to wait six weeks, it means that Josh will have to do the inevitable and get a job. He begins as a simple data clerk at MacMillan Toys but, thanks quickly becomes VP of market development and catches the eye of fellow exec Susan.